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Food Products of Choice

Continental Mills retail product codes are based on date of manufacture.  For the best quality, we suggest that all products be used within the recommended guidelines listed below.  Under proper storage conditions (cool, dry location out of direct sunlight), our products may meet acceptable quality expectations as follows:

  . Dessert Mixes and Pie Crust Mix 12 months
  · Bread Mixes 12 months
  · Cookie, Brownie and Muffin Mixes 18 months
  · Pancake and Waffle Mixes 24 months


Continental Mills products have the manufacturing code embossed (indented into the cardboard) or printed in dark ink on the top or bottom flap of the package.  This code tells us important information about the manufacturing of this product.  The code reads as follows:

  · The first number after the two letters represents the year of manufacture.
  · The next three numbers represent the number of days into the year
(Using the 365-day calendar).

Using the example below: DG0015D indicates the product was produced on the 15th day (January 15th) in the year 2010.

Mfg Code small 4.jpg


Continental Mills products that are sold in bags or large boxes have the manufacturing code ink-coded on the back or bottom of the bag or box, or a "best if used by" date.  The "best if used by" date will have a date, as well as our manufacturing code.

Using the example below: DE9262S indicates the product was produced on the 262st day (September 19th) in the year 2009.

mfg code large 4.jpg  


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Providing the finest quality products is our commitment to you.  We welcome your questions or comments.   Please click on the Contact Us page or call us at 1-800-457-7744, weekdays 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.